size / dimensions: 72x18x22.5 Im selling my 125 gallon tank for 600 obo. It is 72 x18 x22.5 tank comes bc with 1 canister filter with uv light extra media and uv light bulb, some sand, 2 driftwood, 1 300watt heater and guard, 48 led light and much more that i can give with the tank trying sell as soon as possible. Tank does not leak and is up in running right now with water. Was resealed last year
18-Aug-2018Naperville, IL +16 milesPet fish for sale
40 gallon tank, unused gravel, heater and water filter Fish I am also selling 2 small albino Cory catfish 2 black light tetras 1 white tetra 1 six inch pleco that is still growing ( he will need a bigger tank now or soon) 1 friendly yellow lab cichlid 1 friendly electric blue acara 2 friendly barbs
included: Tetra power filter w/6 Bio filter cartridges, 50w heater, 2 air pumps, decorations
31-Jul-2018Plainfield, IL +26 milesPet fish for sale
I have a large number & wide variety of African cichlids for sale. 2 + to large 3 for $10.00 Mbuna Brichardi Kenyi Zebras Peacock aulonocara 2 + Starting @ $12.00 each Red Sun Apache, Dragon Blood, Lemon Jake & OB's Peacock Frontosa Large 7 + Starting @ $60.00 each
26-Jun-2018Plainfield, IL +26 milesPet fish for sale
Huge Japanese Koi for pond. They are healthy and approx 23 inches. $250 each
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